Election Laws and Safeguards

  • 1. Impartiality essential and maintenance of decorum and dignity:
    You should treat all parties equally and not act in ways perceived to be biased. All officers should act with dignity even when being courteous to all electors.
    You are required to read out the declaration, prescribed in Annexure VII, Part I, and obtain signatures as prescribed in the annexure. The name of any polling agent who declines to sign should be recorded. service.

    2. Ban on canvassing:
    Canvassing within one hundred meters of the polling station is an offence under the election law. Any person, who does so,can be arrested without warrant by the police and may be prosecuted under section 130 of the Representation of the people Act.1951 (See Annexure I).

    3. Candidate'selection booth:
    Contesting candidates can setup election booths only beyond 200 meters from polling station to help electors locate their names in the electoral roll and the distribution of unofficial identity slips to voters. No crowd is allowed to collect around such tables. If any instance of violation of the above instructions of the Commission is brought to your notice, you should report the matter to the Sector Magistrate or other officials responsible for maintenance of law and order around your polling station.

    4.Disorderly conduct in or near the polling station:
    If any person behaves in a disorderly manner,you can have him arrested then and there by a police officer and have him prosecuted. These powers should, however, be resorted to only when persuasion and warning have proved ineffective. If the use of a megaphone or loudspeaker interferes with the work of the polling station, you should take steps to stop such use.

    5.Illegal hiring of vehicles for the conveyance of voters
    If you receive a complaint about illegal conveyance of electors to the polling stationfromtheirhomes, advice the complainant on his ability to prosecute the offender and file election petition against the offender later. Forward the complaint with your observation to the SDM or competent other authority.

    6.Removal of voting machine from polling station to be an offence
    Attempt to remove EVM from the polling station is punishable with one year imprisonment and upto 500 rs fine.

    7.Breach of official duty by election officers
    It is a cognizable offence for Presiding Offcers to breach his official duty.

    8.Prohibition of going armed to or near a polling station
    Other than designated officers meant to maintain peace and order, any other person taking arms to the polling station conducts a cognizable offense.

    9. Prohibition of use of cellular phones, cordless phones, wireless sets, etc., in the polling station.
    No cellular phones, cordless phones,wireless sets etc.,in any case are allowed inside and within 100 meters of the polling stations.