CEO's Desk

Welcome to The primary aim of this website is to equip every citizen in the State of Kerala on the subject of elections to ensure his/her participation in the most meaningful way in our country's elections which are the festivals of democracy.

Voter education is a major activity for a healthy democracy. This website is an attempt at fulfilling our duty and commitment to reach out to all the stakeholders in the election process. It contains information on voter registration, electoral roll, polling station details, Booth Level Officers, important announcements etc... which will be useful to the public.

The website will be updated regularly. We seek the active participation of each and every citizen for making this a most user-friendly site, which will provide ample opportunity for all the stakeholders to get information in a faster and easier way.

Nalini Netto
Former CEO

" Well there has been a change of guard !
I have just about taken over as the Chief Electoral Officer on the 1st of October 2015.

As Chief Electoral Officer of Kerala, the focus would not only be to increase enrollment of Voters, but also to encourage higher turnout in the forthcoming General Elections.

As the saying goes 'Eternal Vigilance is the price of Liberty'. Ensuring free and fair Elections will continue to remain a high priority area. Our endeavor would be to further streamline the processes involved so that this festival of democracy is celebrated in a smooth manner.

Seeking cooperation from all stakeholders."

E. K. Majhi